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5 Lifestyle Tips To Improve Your Health

lifestyle tips to improve your health

Amidst our busy lives, various pressing obligations, and the abundance of health advice out there, it can seem like a truly healthy lifestyle is unattainable. At the same time, a healthy lifestyle is important because it helps us live longer, with less pain and disease, and with better mental health (Health Partners). Luckily, you don’t have to have a ‘perfect’ lifestyle or implement all advice all at once in order to be healthy! Building a strong foundation of health with the basics will go a LONG way. Read on to learn more about five tips that will improve your health!

1. Reduce Screen Time

You have probably heard this tip before, but why is reducing screen time so important? You do not need to cut it out entirely, of course, as technology is often important to our work and our social lives. However, technology, and social media in particular, can negatively affect our eyes, posture, mental health, and cause us to live sedentary lives. Set boundaries with yourself such as time limits, taking breaks, and not scrolling mindlessly (Health Partners).

2. Eat Well

Just as your car will not run well if you put junk into the tank, your body likewise will not run well if you put junk into it. Not only does what you eat affect how you feel during the day, but by eating well, “you will reduce your risk of malnutrition and noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer” (World Health Organization). Focus on increasing your fruit, vegetable, and plant based protein intake while reducing intake of sugary, processed foods (Health Partners).

3. Move Daily

This does not have to be a two-hour Crossfit session or ten-mile run every morning. However, finding a way to incorporate movement into your daily life is imperative to live healthily. It is important to find something that you enjoy- it could be dancing, yoga, running, lifting, or a myriad of other types of exercising! Remember that it’s okay to start small, and that it;s good to use the tools available to you such as an accountability partner, a gym membership, and a set routine (Health Partners).

4. Prioritize Sleep

Sleeping can often be seen as a ‘necessary evil’ in our busy lives instead of a gift that directly improves our physical and mental health when we prioritize it. You can prioritize good sleep by sticking to a sleep schedule, not scrolling late at night, exercising during the day, and sleeping in a room that is dark and not too warm (Health Partners).

5. Regularly Go To The Doctor

According to the World Health Organization, “Regular check-ups can help find health problems before they start. Health professionals can help find and diagnose health issues early, when your chances for treatment and cure are better.” Prevention is key. Additionally, when you are struggling with pain or disease, having regular check-ups allows your doctor to get to know YOU and how to best treat you.

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