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A Brief Interview with Compass Primary Care Provider Ryan Carpenter

Compass Blog #011_By Maeve J

Ryan Carpenter Nurse Practitioner

Ryan Carpenter, APRN-CNP is a primary care provider at Compass Community Health. We

recently asked him a few questions and got his take on providing quality care for Compass


1. What is good primary care to you?

He said, “Primary care done right involves establishing a relationship with the patient. Good

primary care must address acute, chronic and preventive issues while making sure that the relationship promotes trust and confidence.”

2. What do you do to try to stay healthy?

“Staying healthy these days involves quite a few different approaches. I try to live my life in a

balance making sure I get variety of food in my diet, maintain good sleep hygiene and stay

active by coaching sports, hiking or simply working around my house.”

3. What is your advice to a relatively healthy person about establishing Primary Care?

“Routine primary care can make a difference in a person’s life whether they have a multitude of

health issues or nothing at all. Simply making an appointment and completing routine

preventive care could improve health outcomes significantly.”

4. What stands out to you about Compass Primary Care?

Compass staff are real people from our local community who understand local culture. We take

pride in our ability to meet individual needs and establish treatment plans that promote both

short-term and long-term health.”

5. If someone tells you they want to establish care, how can they do it? What should they expect?

“Access to care is one phone call away! Dial 740-355-7102 and see the Compass difference.

Our friendly staff will take information and automatically schedule you with the first available

appointment that meets your needs.”

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Your health is important. Compass Community Health is here to help.

Reach out today!


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