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Clinical Nurses

What is a nurse – We are professionals who are compassionate about our career. We work diligently around the clock for you! We have a deeper understanding of life and a sense of hope for what others may see as hopeless. Our reward comes from our patients, not a paycheck. They mold us, move us, and inspire us to be better tomorrow than we were today. 

Sabrina for Facebook-01.jpg
Sabrina Newell, RN

Clinical & Compliance Director 

Crystal Gullion.jpg
Crystal Gullion, LPN

Care Coordinator

Stephanie Carter.JPG
Stephanie Carter, LPN

Lead Care Coordinator

Christina Hall, LPN

Lead Clinical Nurse

Bria Morgan, LPN

Clinical Nurse

Kayla Wise, LPN.jpg
Kayla Wise, LPN

Clinical Nurse

Sarah Stratton, LPN.jpg
Sarah Stratton, LPN

Clinical Nurse

Ashley Nichols.png
Ashley Nichols, LPN

Clinical Nurse

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