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Outreach & Enrollment

We have a Certified Application Counselor at our office who will help you sign up for health insurance (Affordable Care Act Marketplace, Medicare or Ohio Medicaid) or community programs like CHIP. 


It is a free service, available to anyone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to speak with a Certified Application Counselor?
It is absolutely FREE!


Do I have to be a patient at Compass to make an appt with O&E?
No, we assist anyone from the community


How do I know if I qualify for Medicaid?
Medicaid is now primarily income based.  Our Certified Application Counselors will sit down with you to explain your options.


I’m worried about the Affordable Care Act plan costing too much.
Low and middle-income households may qualify for financial assistance, called Advanced Premium Tax Credits (APTC) to help reduce your monthly insurance payment.


What type of information and documentation do I need to bring with me for my appointment?
Bring a form of identity and income verification (pay stubs, tax forms), social security information and your email account information if available. Your email is used to register on the Affordable Care Act website. We can create an email account for you if needed.

Do you provide transportation?

Please call (740) 355-7102 for information or to schedule an appointment.

Provider Headshot
April Slusher

Patient Account Specialist

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