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Protocol for Respond to and Assessing Patients Assets, Risks and Experiences

PRAPARE (Protocol for Respond to and Assessing Patients Assets, Risks and Experiences) is a nationally standardized assessment tool that allows us to collect data on the social determinants of health.  Think of it as a way to take the Community’s vital signs, as it assesses neighborhood safety, environmental quality, transportation needs, housing availability, employment, access to food, social connectedness and a patient’s health risk for chronic conditions.  If we don’t understand our community we don’t understand our patients. 

We know most patients face 4-9 Social Determinants of Health, but a more complex patient can face upwards of 11 and data has proven a direct correlation between the number of SHD a patient faces and developing hypertension.  Organizations use PRAPARE to develop interventions and community partnerships to streamline care management programs for patients.  There is a lot of care coordination and community partnerships involved in the care plan.


Compass has been using PRAPARE in July in addition to the SBIRT screenings already being conducted.  In September Compass applied for the PRAPARE Health Center Engagement and Innovation Award.  Compass was one of 5 National Awardees;

  • Callen-Lourde Community Health Center in New York

  • El Rio Santa Cruz Neighborhood Health Center in Arizona

  • River Stone Health in Montana

  • York County Community Action Corporation in Maine


Together we all are using a unique approach to the tool and will learn new and innovative ways to further develop our practice.  We also will be working together to accelerate the use of PRAPARE across health centers to touch more patients.

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