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A Brief Interview with Compass Primary Care Provider Megan Wisman

Compass Blog #013_By Maeve J

Megan Whisman is a Family Nurse Practitioner with Compass Community Health. We recently

asked her a few questions and got her take on providing quality primary care for Compass


1. What is good primary care to you?

She said, “Good primary care provides patients with continuous, comprehensive care. Finding a

provider that listens, understands, and respects your concerns is important in building a trusting patient/provider relationship. The goal is to foster actions that enhance the physical, social, and emotional well- being of the patient, through preventative care, teaching healthy lifestyles, identifying, and treating common medical conditions and making referrals when necessary.”

2. What do you do to try and stay healthy?

“I personally try to stay healthy by staying active whether it’s working out in the gym, taking an

evening walk, or doing yoga. Along with exercise I mainly drink water, and try to eat a healthy

3. What is your advice to a relatively healthy person about establishing Primary Care?

“There are many good reasons to establish care with a Primary care provider (PCP), even if

you’re feeling fine. Some serious illnesses require treatment before you develop symptoms,

such as heart disease, thyroid disorders, kidney issues, and some cancers such as of the

prostate, colon, or breast. It is essential to establish a relationship with a PCP to help an

individual navigate good health and stay healthy.”

4. What stands out to you about Compass Primary Care?

“My strength here at Compass with primary care is being the healthcare professional that

provides Women’s health. My main priority is meeting patients where they are and making

them feel comfortable.”

5. If someone tells you they want to establish care, how can they do it? What should they expect?

“Establishing care here with us at Compass is easy. Call 740-355-7102 and ask to make an

appointment today.”

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