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A Brief Interview with Compass Primary Care Provider Thea Floyd

Compass Blog #014_By Maeve J

Compass Nurse Practitioner Thea Floyd

Thea Floyd is a Family Nurse Practitioner with Compass Community Health. We recently asked

her a few questions and got her take on providing quality primary care for Compass patients!

1. What is good primary care to you?

She said, “Good primary care is developing relationships with patients to collaboratively

work together to establish plans of care that will aide patients in developing healthy life

habits. These healthy life habits can aide patients in prevention of chronic illnesses or

lessen the impact the illness may have on their quality of life. Good primary care

includes identifying, diagnosing and treating acute and chronic illness while

incorporating preventative care.”

2. What do you do to try and stay healthy?

“To stay healthy, I visit my primary care provider annually and as needed. I try to

incorporate exercise daily and improve my diet. I take my medications to minimize

chronic illness effects on my life.”

3. What is your advice to a relatively healthy person about establishing Primary Care?

“The time to have a primary care provider is before you need us. Annual preventative

exams can help identify chronic illness and gives the patient opportunity to complete

preventative testing such as women’s health, colonoscopy, immunizations etc.”

4. What stands out to you about Compass Primary Care?”

“I myself have had my primary care with Compass for several years prior to working

here. The providers and staff are compassionate persons, who are passionate about

providing our community with access to quality health care for those who are uninsured

as well as under insured members of our community that would not otherwise have


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5. If someone tells you they want to establish care, how can they do it? What should they expect?

“If someone asks me how to establish care, I tell them, it is as easy as making a phone

call to the office at (740) 355-7102. We have helpful, respectful staff that can assist

patients with making appointments that will accommodate their schedules.”

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