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A Brief Interview with Compass Primary Care Provider Stephanie Green

Compass Blog #012_By Maeve J

Compass Care Provider Stephanie Green

Stephanie Green, APRN-FNP is a Family Nurse Practitioner at Compass Community Health.

We recently asked her a few questions and got her take on providing quality care for Compass


1. What is good primary care to you?

She said, “Good primary care creates a solid foundation for your health to build on. In primary

care, we act as the gateway to promote healthy living and manage both acute and chronic

conditions through routine screenings, education, resources, and recommendations. For

patients who need specialized care, we refer and ensure continuity of care for any new

medications or treatments suggested.”

2. What do you do to try and stay healthy?

“Like a lot of people, I keep a pretty full schedule outside of work with sports, family, and

hobbies. To stay healthy, I try to focus on healthy eating habits, good sleep hygiene, and

promoting good mental health by allowing down time for myself. Mental health is just as

important as physical health, and with our busy lives it’s important to remember to take care of

that aspect as well.”

3. What is your advice to a relatively healthy person about establishing Primary Care?

“You don’t have to have chronic conditions to have a primary care provider. We will monitor your

health and focus on preventing conditions and living a healthy life. Annual visits are aimed at

catching any issues early and creating a plan to stop the progression of chronic conditions if

possible. We can also see you for any acute problems too such as colds and illnesses.”

4. What stands out to you about Compass Primary Care?

“The thing I love most about Compass is the employees. Everyone at Compass is focused on

our patients. We are lucky to have a great team that works together, are friendly, and work hard

to ensure our patients get what they need to be healthy. We all communicate- from Mental

Health to Women’s Health to Speech and Occupational Therapy- to create the best approach to

meet your needs.

5. If someone tells you they want to establish care, how can they do it? What should they expect?

“If someone is interested in establishing care at Compass, all they need to do is call 740-355-

7102. One of our receptionists will schedule them with a provider for a time that works with their

schedule (we even have evening appointments on Mondays). At their appointment, we will

obtain a past medical history, record medications they take, review any recent lab work or

diagnostic testing, and address any current concerns. From there we will develop a plan of care

tailored to the patient’s needs.”

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