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Primary Care for Older Adults: Promoting Health at Every Stage of Life

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Our health needs change over the course of our lives- primary care is there to support us the whole way! As we age, we are more likely to accumulate additional health needs, including chronic conditions that require supportive management (National Institutes of Health). To learn about how primary care plays a critical role in the health and well-being of older adults, read on!

Prevention & Early Detection

Having regular check-ups is an important aspect of supporting health for people of all ages. When it comes to older adults, 85% have at least one chronic health condition and 60% have at least two (One Medical). Having a strong, long-lasting connection with a provider who knows you and your health needs may result in earlier detection and treatment of conditions, or even prevention of conditions. This may result in better health outcomes for you! Having a provider who knows your health history, administers regular check-ups and screenings, and provides education is powerful!

Compassionate Treatment of Chronic Ailments

When you are facing one or more chronic conditions, it can feel overwhelming- your provider is there to help you manage it (NIH). Equipped with education and compassion, your provider is ready to walk your health journey with you, addressing your needs, questions, and concerns along the way. Your patient-centered health center is able to streamline services and communication, making your healthcare experience accessible and simple instead of just another headache (One Medical).

Health Education & Connection to Resources

In addition to streamlining services and communication, your patient-centered health center can provide Care Coordination to organize your healthcare experience if you see multiple specialists, take multiple medications, etc. This can save you time, energy, and money (One Medical). If you need help getting connected to a specialist or other health resources, your provider can also help with this. Your provider is a wealth of education and aid when it comes to managing your health! 

At Compass Community Health, our team of Primary Care Providers is eager to support you and your health needs. Compassionate Primary Care is who we are! It’s easy to schedule an appointment- just call (740) 355-7102. Your health is too important to put on the back burner. Compass Community Health is here to help- reach out today!


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