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What Are The 4 Cs of Good Primary Care?

Updated: Feb 8

the 4 Cs of primary Care

Quality primary care is a house built on the foundation of its four core functions, dubbed

the ‘4 Cs’ of primary care according to the National Institutes of Health. In this article,

we will review what those four core functions are, why they are important, and how they

relate to YOU and your health.

Core Function 1- First Contact

First contact means, “access and use of health services whenever necessary” (NIH,

2021). Life throws plenty of curveballs our way, from minor ailments to life-altering

chronic conditions. You need quality care as soon as, and whenever, the need arises.

When something is wrong, the last thing you need or want is to be stressing out over

when and if you’ll get the care you need.

Core Function 2- Comprehensiveness

Comprehensiveness means, “promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation” (NIH,

2021). Healthcare is multifaceted because your health is multifaceted. For example, to

use the analogy of a fire, if one starts (disease), it is good and of the utmost importance

to work to put it out (treatment). However, it is even better if the fire is kept from

happening (prevention). It is also good to rebuild a house after a fire has taken place

(rehabilitation). Whatever your health needs are, it is important for your primary care to

meet you right there.

Core Function 3- Coordination

Coordination means, “the integration of all the care the user receives and needs with

the other health services” (NIH, 2021). Many people see more than one healthcare

professional (such as specialists) and take more than one medication. Sometimes

things can get complicated, so it is important for any and all of your treatments,

medications, doctors, etc. are coordinated, and a professional can do that for you!

Having coordinated care allows your healthcare provider to give you the best care

possible, tailored to you.

Core Function 4- Continuity

Continuity means, “a professional-subject-of-care temporal relationship, leading to the

establishment of strong mutual trust” (NIH, 2021). An important aspect of quality

healthcare is building rapport and a trusting relationship with your healthcare provider.

Having continuity of care, where you see the same provider over time, allows your

provider to get to know YOU and the specifics of your health and needs. When you’re in

need, you need someone who knows you and knows the best way to help you.

Compass Community Health is built on all four core functions- First Contact,

Comprehensiveness, Coordination, and Continuity. You need quality primary care,

which means you need a quality healthcare provider. Click on any of the names below

to get to know each of Compass’ primary care providers!

Learn more about Compass Community Health’s Primary Care, Care Coordination, and

Making an appointment is as simple as calling (740) 355-7102. Don’t let your health


Your health is important. Compass Community Health is here to help.

Reach out today!


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