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The Importance of Setting Realistic Health Goals

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Many of us are familiar with setting health goals, whether it’s deciding to exercise more after New Year’s, trying to lose weight, or trying to alter our diet. Many of us also know how hard it can be to sustain these efforts and reach our goals! One of the most important aspects of setting a health goal is being realistic. Read on for 3 tips on how to set realistic health goals and why it’s so important!

1. Take Your Feelings Into Account

When we set a goal, we’re often picturing the way our life will look after we attain it. It can be discouraging when we try to reach our goal and it turns out to be hard, and it can be tempting to quit. A good way to combat discouragement is to recognize it beforehand, be patient with yourself, and remind yourself of why you wanted to reach the health goal in the first place (Harvard Health). This can help you to keep going when it gets difficult!

2. Break It Down Into Pieces

It can be hard to reach a goal when it’s too lofty or general. By breaking the goal into smaller ‘mini-goals’, you can map out for yourself exactly how to reach your desired goals. This can help you from getting intimidated by your goal as well as to help you feel more accomplished and motivated along the way to reaching your ultimate goal (Harvard Health). 

3. Monitor & Reward

Keeping tabs on your progress and difficulties can help you plan how to move forward as you strive toward your goal. The way you pursue your goal may change, and it’s good to be flexible! As you track your progress along the way, it’s good to reward yourself for your hard work! Establishing rewards at certain milestones can be a good way to keep you motivated, and you can make it specific to you (Harvard Health)!

Remember, setting goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) is the best way to actually reach those goals (Harvard Health). Being realistic will turn your goal from a dream into a reality! When setting and pursuing health goals, it’s important to be in communication with your doctor. Your doctor is going to have educated and personalized insight into your health needs, and can help you along the way! At Compass Community Health, our Primary Care Providers are ready to work with you on your health journey! Your health is important, and Compass Community Health is here to help. Reach out today at (740) 355-7102.


Your health is important. Compass Community Health is here to help.

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