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A Brief Interview with Compass Speech Therapist Beth Newman

Compass Blog #20_By Maeve

Last month we wrote an article entitled, “What is Speech Therapy?”, and we summed up

Speech Therapy as, “the assessment and treatment of communication problems and speech

disorders. It is performed by speech-language pathologists (SLPs), which are often referred to

as speech therapists.” (Healthline).

One of those Speech Language Pathologists at Compass Community Health has more

to say on the topic! We interviewed her to get an inside look into her experience working in

Speech Therapy. Here is what she had to say.

1. What is speech therapy in a nutshell?

Our scope of practice as speech-language pathologists is just too broad to condense into a

‘nutshell’. As SLP’s we can treat babies to adults. Here at Compass we focus our treatment on

pediatrics. We work with kids to help them communicate by improving speech and language

skills as they relate to: speech sounds/articulation language, receptive language, expressive

language, fluency/stuttering, and social communication.

2. What’s your favorite speech therapy activity, method, or practice?

That’s another difficult question to answer as the methods I choose change with each client.

3. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from what you do?

I’ve learned countless lessons throughout my career as a speech-language pathologist.

However, if I have to pick just one I’d say the most important lesson I’ve learned is that we are

most effective when we take a team approach when treating our clients. This includes but is not

limited to: families/caregivers, physicians, occupational therapists, teachers, early

interventionists, and school-based therapists. Communication and collaboration are key when

trying to make the biggest difference in our clients’ lives.

4. What do you want others to know about ST at Compass?

I’d like others to know that our therapy department here at Compass is family-oriented and

team-baed. It is important to our entire team to ensure we are providing the best possible

services we can for each of our clients.

Compass Community Health’s Speech Therapy services are strongly tied to their Pediatric

Occupational Therapy services as well. Check out our article, “What is OT?”.


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