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Exploring the Link Between Mental Health and Women’s Well-Being

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Mental health plays a large role in our everyday lives and well-being, and understanding what that looks like for women is critical to their flourishing! Our mental health, physical, health, hormonal health, and more are all tied together in various ways. Read on to explore the link between mental health and women’s well-being. 

Mental Health & Lifestyle

Just like how the way we eat can impact our physical health, for example, our lifestyle also affects our mental health! According to Harbor Psychiatry and Mental Health, “Research has found that eating well, getting regular exercise, and making sure to clock enough high-quality sleep each night can help boost psychological well-being and reduce the risk of conditions like depression and anxiety,” which is more common in women than in men (National Institute of Mental Health). Even small changes, especially built up over time, can really go a long way! 

Benefit of Women’s Health Services for Women

As a woman, your health is so important at all stages of life. That’s why healthcare services geared specifically toward women exist! At Compass Community Health, our Women’s Health care focuses on the treatment and diagnosis of diseases and other health conditions that affect a woman’s well-being. We care for women’s physical AND emotional wellness at all stages of life because you are a multi-faceted being! 

Benefit of Mental Health Services for Women

You are a powerful person who is capable of handling a lot, and you have personal agency in caring for your mental health and overall well-being. That being said, it’s good to have someone by your side on your journey. Mental health services are administered by skilled and compassionate individuals who care about YOU and your life. At Compass Community Health, our Mental Health services are geared to aid individuals in their emotional, psychological, and social well-being, with our Mental Health providers prepared to help with anxiety and depression symptoms, anger management, relationship and communication strategies, and all other mental health disorders or symptoms. 

Your mental health and your overall well-being are connected. Caring for your health as a woman is important, and that is what makes support so valuable. Don’t put your health on hold- reach out today at (740) 355-7102!


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