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3 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Seeking Help for Your Mental Health

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As Mental Health Awareness Month draws to a close, let us address one of the

biggest roadblocks to seeking help for your mental health and becoming a happier,

healthier person - FEAR. Here we will discuss what that may look like and three things

YOU can do about it.

When it comes to seeking help for your mental health, fear can take on a number

of different forms. Perhaps you are afraid of opening up and feeling embarrassed,

misunderstood, or rejected.

Perhaps in your family or social circles there is a stigma surrounding using mental

health services, and you are afraid of what they’ll think, and what that’ll mean for you.

Perhaps vulnerability makes you incredibly uncomfortable, and think it is better to keep

everything locked away.

Or, perhaps, you are afraid of seeking help because it means that you would have to

face the fact that things aren’t completely okay, and that you might need help.

Do any of these sound a little like you? If so, read on, because here are three tips for

how you can move forward through the fear. YOUR mental health matters.

1. Face The Facts

Fear is an emotion. Emotions are very powerful, and are capable of doing much

good or harm. Emotions work beautifully well as a gauge, but quite terribly as a guide

for our decisions. That is why they belong in the steady hand of truth. It is okay to feel

apprehensive, but also know that improving your mental health:

This is but a short list of how seeking help for your mental health can improve your life.

Don’t let your fear hold you back from these great things.

2. Embrace and Love The Fear

Perhaps this sounds a bit counter-intuitive… Avoiding fear makes it feel all the

more intimidating and powerful, but facing it head on reduces its strength. So, face it

head on while dousing it in compassion for what you’ve been through, gentleness

toward your struggles, and love for the future you want to have ahead of you. The fear

is trying to help you, but it may just be hurting you, and the warmth of love can melt the

coldness of fear. Shifting your perspective can make such a difference!

3. Seek Out QUALITY Help

Quality mental health treatment will provide you with a professional or team who

is kind and has received extensive training for their qualifications. They are not some

random person- they have spent years studying so that they can be there for YOU when

you need it. They are a safe space.

Compass Community Health provides this safe space for our mental health services. Our Psychiatric Mental Health providers are prepared to help adults and children with;

  • Anxiety and depression symptoms

  • Relationship and communication strategies

  • Anger management and coping skills

  • Medication management

  • Pregnancy/Postpartum mental health symptoms and medication management

No man is an island. Make an appointment by calling (740) 352-7102!


Your health is important. Compass Community Health is here to help.

Reach out today!


-Message us on Facebook @ Compass Community Health

-Call: 740-355-7102

-Address: 1634 11th St, Portsmouth, OH 45662

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Compass Medicalca
Jun 27, 2023

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