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What is a Community Health Center?

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Community Health Centers (CHCs) are vital resources that bridge the gap in healthcare accessibility, ensuring that essential medical services reach underserved communities. These centers are more than just healthcare providers; they are a cornerstone of community support, offering comprehensive and integrated services tailored to the unique area they serve. This blog dives into the important role CHCs play in their community, and how Compass Community Health embraces this mission.

Understanding Community Health Centers

A Community Health Center is a non-profit clinic designed to provide primary care to patients regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay. CHCs focus on comprehensive care, addressing not only physical health but also the mental aspects of health. They differ from other medical clinics and hospitals in their approach to care, emphasizing community involvement and patient-centered services.

Compass Community Health extends this mission by not only providing care but also going the extra mile for our patients and community. Out providers are individuals from the community, who are dedicated to helping all patients get the health care services they deserve. We offer extended hours to fit your schedule, same-day and next-day appointments, a transportation shuttle for our patients who may have trouble getting to their doctor’s appointments, and coordinated care where all information is organized and communicated to patients, so they can achieve the best health possible.

Services Offered by Community Health Centers

CHCs are known for their broad range of services which typically include primary care, behavioral health, pharmacy services, screenings, and immunizations. Additionally, outside resources like referrals to specialists are found in many Community Health Centers.

Compass Community Health expands on these offerings with specialized programs Pediatric OT and ST, women’s health, and more. We also focus on services like care coordination and outreach & enrollment to ensure you get access to the care you deserve. This holistic approach ensures that all aspects of a patient’s health are considered and cared for under one roof, which is crucial for promoting long-term health outcomes.

The Importance of Accreditation

Accreditation represents a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of care and patient safety. For CHCs like us, obtaining accreditation from reputable bodies such as the HRSA or NCQA demonstrates a measurable adherence to national standards and best practices in healthcare. 

Compass Community Health takes pride in being accredited in many areas. For example, we have accreditation in HRSA’s Advancing Health Information Technology (HIT) For Quality, which is awarded to health centers that meet all criteria to optimize HIT services. Additionally, we are accredited in HRSA’s Health Disparities Reducer, which recognizes health centers that are addressing social risk factors impacting patients’ health and increasing access to enabling services.

Visit our About page to see all of our accreditations.

Benefits of Choosing a Community Health Center

Opting for care at a CHC like Compass Community Health provides numerous benefits. Firstly, it’s cost-effective, as CHCs provide services on a sliding fee scale based on income, ensuring healthcare is affordable for all. Additionally, being community-based, CHCs offer care that is tailored to the community. They can also help you find resources and referrals if they’re not able to directly assist you. 

What’s Available in Scioto County

For residents of Scioto County, Compass Community Health offers an array of resources aimed at making healthcare accessible and comprehensive. From outreach and enrollment programs that help patients navigate the confusing world of health insurance to payment assistance programs designed to remove financial barriers to care.


Community Health Centers like Compass Community Health are dedicated to transforming your experience with healthcare by making it more accessible, accountable, and patient-centered. These centers play a crucial role in not only providing immediate medical care but also in fostering long-term health improvements. The accreditation and comprehensive services offered at Compass underscore our dedication to upholding the highest standards of care and community involvement.

Have any questions or don’t know where to start? Contact us today to learn more.


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