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More Reasons You Need Primary Care

Compass Blog #17_By Maeve J

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Your health is of critical importance, and there are many things that you have the power

to do to take care of it. We cannot do it alone, though, especially in cases of sudden or chronic

health needs. Who is there to help? Primary care physicians!

Harvard Health Publishing defines primary care physicians as, “generalists who see adult patients for common ailments including respiratory infections, headaches, back pain, and urinary infections. They also manage chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, anxiety, and depression.

In addition, PCPs have expertise in managing multiple treatments, medications, and

the interactions between them. They can address the entire person, taking into account their

values, beliefs, and preferences.”

In all likelihood, you either are someone or know someone who has dealt with one or

more of these things, and this is only a short list. Primary care physicians are professionals who

are educated and trained in prevention, diagnosing, and treatment of a wide array of ailments.

Research shows that having a primary care physician that you routinely see makes a difference

in your long-term health, too.

In a 2019 study published by JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers surveyed nearly

50,000 adults without a primary care physician and nearly 21,000 adults without one, in order to

determine the importance of having primary care. They found that those with a primary care

physician had an overall better experience with healthcare, especially in terms of what they

label high-value care- “cancer screenings, recommended diagnostic and preventative care,

diabetes care, counseling, and medical treatment” (Healthline). Of course, these are all things

that will help you live healthier, happier, and longer.

Compass Community Health’s team of primary care providers believe that your health

and well-being are important. Among the many services that Compass offers, they are there to

help you manage:

● High blood pressure

● Diabetes

● Obesity

● Heart disease

● Hypertension

● Immunizations

● Preventative care

● And more services!

For a better look at what your first appointment would look like, read our blog

Live healthier, happier, and longer- schedule an appointment by calling the number below!


Your health is important. Compass Community Health is here to help.

Reach out today!


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-Call: 740-355-7102

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