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Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Compass Blog #003_By Nick S_7/18/22

Healthcare is more accessible than you think.

As an interlude to the blog topics of Mental Health, I want to talk about what a Community Health Center is, from the perspective of someone who just recently started learning about CHC’s. 

That’s me.

Being a non-expert on CHC’s, Ironically, I think makes me the perfect person to explore this topic with.

Stay with me a moment.

In these What is a Community Health Center? blogs, we’ll discover what a CHC is together, from square one, like a person walking in from off the street.

I’ll share thoughts, experiences, and learning moments from my encounters with Compass

Community Health and the CHC world in general. What I want to say right out front is…

How is it that I never knew about Community Health Centers?

This question is a central motivation for me in learning, sharing, and marketing CHC’s. Consider that just a short time ago, I was stressed out over affordable healthcare and insurance options.

Not even a year ago.

And I can imagine the past, stressed out me, desperate to find an affordable insurance option and place to be treated, avoiding the doctor in general because I didn’t feel like I had options.

And then somehow coming across this great explainer video from the Nation Association of Community Health Centers explaining “America’s Health Centers” and their legacy.

The jaded past me would think that this explainer video is just spouting off pie in the sky healthcare equality delusions, like:

It all started 50 years ago, as a social experiment during what is sometimes referred to as America’s war on poverty. 

THE GOAL: bring doctors and primary and preventative health services to poor urban and rural


A revolutionary partnership was created, bringing together for the first time; reformed minded

physicians, nurses, local community leaders, and the federal government…

...came together serving all people regardless of who they are, where they live, regardless of income, insurance status, or ability to pay….

Empowering and giving voice to people living and working in those communities…

The past me smugly thinking, HA. YEAH. RIGHT.

But I’ll be darned, knowing what I know now, it’s not far from the truth. CHC’s actually do serve very real needs of marginalized and underserved populations, quantifiably, and organizations like the NACHC share those stats in pretty info graphs, like this 2021 Snapshot

Infographic depicting insurance status, income levels, and demographics of health center patients.

I’m kind of baffled that a safety net of health care exists like this in the United States.

So, let me get this straight, says the past me, 22% of the 28 million patients you served in 2021 are uninsured? 56% are publicly insured through Medicare or Medicaid?

68% are at the federal poverty line? (see poverty line chart)

Poverty guidlines in the United States

AND 1.3 million are homeless?

You offer sliding scale payment options? You treat regardless of insurance status

I’ll ask again, HOW did I never know that this kind of healthcare infrastructure existed in the U.S?

But now I know.

And you know.

And your local Compass Community Health is a part of that amazing healthcare safety net, ready to serve, and meet you where you’re at. 

Reach out today!


-Message us on Facebook @ Compass Community Health

-Call: 740-355-7102

-Address: 1634 11th St, Portsmouth, OH 45662


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