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5 Ways to Combat Social Anxiety

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Compass Blog #007_By Maeve J

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed in the presence of others? Do you think other people have a

much easier time talking than you do? Even with people you know, do you sometimes find

yourself struck with awkwardness, discomfort, or doubt?

If you have, you are experiencing something called social anxiety. But, good news- it is completely normal! Here are five ways to combat social anxiety so that you can focus on the good stuff. .

1. Consider How to Make Others Comfortable

This is a great way to shift your focus when you feel socially anxious. During those times, it is

natural to turn inward, and nearly all thoughts turn toward dissecting your own behavior.

However, when you focus on considering how you may make the people around you feel at

ease, this does two things. First, it shifts your focus outward, distracting from and soothing the

anxious introspection. Second, it shows people you really care and helps them to connect with

you and you with them!

2. See a Therapist

Wait! If you were about to brush this one off, hang around. Social anxiety is important to

address, and seeing a therapist can help you understand why you struggle with it! Their

expertise can help you address your specific experience with anxiety and guide you in the right

direction. Your mental health is important. Why not try counseling out? Whether a social worker,

a counselor, or a mental health practitioner, there is sure to be a provider for you and your

mental health needs at Compass Community Health. Still not convinced? Read our blog about therapy and find out if it's right for you!

3. Fake It Till You Make It

Have you heard this one before? That's because it's so true! If you practice acting the part,

sooner or later your mind won't know the difference. So work on your posture, look people in the

eyes, imagine what the most confident version of you would act like, and you will be well on

your way!

4. Know That Pleasing Others Is Not Your Job

Social anxiety is often a symptom of worrying about what other people think of us, and wanting

their acceptance, approval, or admiration. Flip the script! Instead of focusing on what other

people think of you, ask yourself, "What do I think of myself?" Focus on acting in ways that

align with your values, are honest, and make you happy! When you work on making your self-

image independent from the reactions of other people, concern over their opinions of you will

fade into the background. With that being said.....

5. Remember Most People Are Not Dissecting You

Chances are, you are your own worst critic! Most people are too focused on what is going on

around them, perhaps random things from their day, or their own behavior to notice most of the

things you question yourself on and beat yourself up for. You can breathe a bit easier knowing

you’re not under a magnifying glass.

So whenever that nagging anxiety rears its head, take a breath. You've got this! For more ways to better your mental health, check out our blog with 5 tips to improve your mental health!


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