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Should I Go To Therapy?

Updated: Jan 26

should i go to therapy

COMPASS BLOG #001_JUNE 15, 2022_BY NICK SHERMAN w/ Clinical Counselor Leasa Mowery

She admitted to laughing to herself when she saw the email. I can understand why. I had asked Leasa Mowery, a Clinical Counselor of 25 years experience and specialized treatment knowledge in trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety and grief for three reasons why I should go to therapy.

“There are so many reasons to go to therapy,” she says.

Okay so there are a lot of reasons to go to therapy if we’re honest with ourselves.

But what I’m getting as it surely there is some fundamental way to know, some simple identifier we can share with people of how they can answer their own question: Should I go to therapy?

Afterall, maybe you haven’t had a breakdown. You just don’t feel yourself and can’t quite put your finger on it. And you’re on the fence with the whole therapy thing and what that might entail.

The question remains. To go or not go? How do I know?

I like the simple way Leasa frames it, “Are you experiencing disruptions?”

What kind of disruptions? How serious are they? Do you know what to do in the face of them?

She goes on to list some common disruptive symptoms related to your mental health.

Say suddenly you start experiencing more than your normal levels of fatigue, trouble sleeping, appetite loss, anxiousness, anger, loss of interest, hopelessness.

Maybe you can tell you’re in a different place mentally now. Something has changed. It’s changed enough that you feel like you should do something about it.

I get the impression from Leasa that this is what Counselors enjoy helping people do most of all. Counselors are like people problem- solvers. They help people grow as a result of their unique


Counselors help people cope with their disruptions.

Leasa lists a handful of coping skills she walks through with her clients such as:

-communication skills

-relaxation and visualization

-processing trauma

-the decision-making process

So, should I go to therapy?

Turns out it’s a simpler decision than I thought. If you’re experiencing disruptions in your life that are painful, there are professionals like Leasa Mowery here at Compass Community Health who want to help people cope and overcome the distress in their life.

If that sounds helpful to you, reach out by:


-Message us on Facebook @ Compass Community Health

-Call: 740-355-7012

and ask to speak with a Counselor. It might help!



Leasa Mowery, a graduate of SSU in the Social Sciences as well as a Master of Arts at Marshall University in Agency Counseling is one of two new mental health experts that’ve been added to

Compass Community Health’s Team. Her past experience includes a 15-year private practice, work at Shawnee Mental Health, and four years at SOMC before choosing Compass.

We’re so glad to have her as a part of the seven experts here who take pride in providing compassionate mental health care for our area.

In the twice monthly blogs to follow, we’ll present their expertise on questions and topics, while looking for ways to inform and serve anyone with an interest in our services or the world of

mental health.


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