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4 Tips For Mental Health In The Workplace

4 tips for mental health in the workplace

We have all been there at some time or other- we feel like we’re drowning at

work. This could be because of the workload, trouble navigating relationships with your

boss or coworkers, or countless others stressors. Work stress doesn’t have to dominate

your day. Here are 4 tips for mental health in the workplace!

1. Begin Your Day Well

What you do before work sets the tone for how your entire day will go. According

to Forbes, if you start your day by checking your phone, it is, “the equivalent of having a

hundred people in your bedroom screaming at you,” and is, “priming your brain for

distraction.” You don’t need the whole world at your fingertips when you wake up.

Replace scrolling with a light workout, listening to music, or reading! You will likely find

yourself feeling more steady throughout the day. Be mindful of what your mind and body

are consuming before you head into work.

2. Leave Work At Work

Just like how you start your day matters, so does how you close out your day. If

you are not intentional about maintaining separation between work and home, work is

going to feel like it looms over you and you can’t ever really get away from it. Practical

ways you can do this is to commit to only staying at work within specific hours, not

checking emails on weekends, or not taking calls after a certain time, for example (Total

3. Don’t Ignore Your Stress

It can be tempting to ignore stress when you feel over-pressured by your to-do

list at work. However, according to Total Wellness Health, ignoring your stress is one of

the worst things you can do for your health, as it can lead to more serious mental and

physical health issues like burnout. Address the stress directly. This may mean being

intentional about taking breaks, socializing, educating yourself on stress-management

tactics, and even having that conversation with your boss you’ve been avoiding.

4. Break Your Work Into Manageable Chunks

Sometimes when you look at EVERYTHING you have to get done, it can feel

very overwhelming. According to Mindful Health Solutions, it is better to, “Create a

timeline with goals and objectives and chip away at these tasks one small step at a

time.” This will likely make it feel like less work, on top of increasing your motivation,

confidence, and productivity. As a wise person once said, “How do you eat an

elephant? One bite at a time.”

If you are finding that you are having a hard time managing your work stress,

there are professionals who care and can come alongside you. At Compass Community

Health, our Psychiatric Mental Health providers are ready to help you work through and

manage your work stress so that you can feel happier and healthier. Don’t struggle

alone! Make an appointment by calling (740) 355-7102 today. Learn about 5 common mental health disorders, or read about more mental health tips.

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