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4 Ways You Benefit from Having Primary Care

Compass Blog #015_By Maeve J

Primary Care Benefits

No matter your specific health needs, having a primary care doctor is critical for your long-term

health and longevity. In fact, multiple studies show that people who have a primary care doctor

live longer, healthier lives than those who don’t. Unfortunately, more than a third of adults in

America don’t see a primary care doctor once a year. Don’t be part of that number- Here are

four ways that receiving comprehensive, primary care at Compass Community Health benefits


1. Acute Illnesses and Injuries

Most of us see our primary care doctor if we suddenly get sick with the flu or get an injury that

needs more than a small bandage. Life throws a lot of things our way that we can’t foresee, and

your primary care doctor is there to respond when you need care!

2. Preventative Care

Not only can your doctor address acute illnesses and injuries, they also provide preventative

care. They provide screenings, immunizations, and look into your personal lifestyle, diet, family

history, and more in order to help keep certain diseases from ever reaching you. It is easier to

prevent a disease than to treat it once it hits, and your doctor knows best how to prevent

disease, so go see your doctor for preventative care!

3. Long-Term Care

If you have an ailment that requires long-term care, your primary care doctor can walk that

journey with you. Compass primary care providers are dedicated to getting to know your specific health situation, needs, and history to best support you in your healing and/or symptom-


4. Education

Your health is not only in your doctor’s hands. For most people, your health and longevity is first

and foremost in your own hands, and your doctor can come alongside you with education on

disease prevention, injury care, advice on diet, exercise, and lifestyle, and more that is tailored

specifically to you.

Primare care at Compass Community Helath is comprehensive, meaning that it provides a well-

rounded array of services for all different kinds of health needs. From mental health to pediatric

occupational therapy, to women’s health and more, Compass has got your back. Click here to

get an idea of what your first appointment with Compass would likely look like! Is insurance an

obstacle for you? Learn more about getting help health insurance.


Compass Community Health is here to help.

Reach out today!


-Message us on Facebook @ Compass Community Health

-Call: 740-355-7102

-Address: 1634 11th St, Portsmouth, OH 45662


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