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5 Mindfulness Techniques to Elevate Your Daily Wellness

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We all have busy, crazy lives, and sometimes the stress can get to us. This can result in feeling anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, and running on auto-pilot. Do you want to know how to better handle stress and be more present in your life? Read on for five mindfulness techniques to elevate your daily wellness.

1. Body Scan

You can utilize this practice anywhere. If you can, close your eyes and stay quiet. Starting at the top of your head and ending at the bottom of your feet, notice the sensations you are feeling at that moment, such as how warm or cold you are, if you’re itchy, if your clothes are comfortable, etc. You want to notice these things without judgment, and just let yourself be grounded in the present moment (Self).

2. Meditation

Find a comfortable sitting position where you won’t be at risk of falling asleep. Close your eyes or focus them on a single object. The Mayo Clinic says, “Breathing through your nose, focus on your breath moving in and out of your body. If physical sensations or thoughts interrupt your meditation, note the experience and then return your focus to your breath.” It’s okay to do this for however long works for you, whether it’s a minute or an hour!

3. Exercise

Exercise, especially exercise that utilizes slow, focused, or rhythmic movement is great for practicing mindfulness. This can be yoga, walking, running, swimming, etc. What makes a workout mindful is if it helps you “notice the way your body feels as you perform each movement. (Homedics)”

4. Journaling

According to Homedics, “Mindful journaling can be extremely open-ended, or you can use it to record your feelings, causes of stress and anxiety, and the places your mind drifts to as you meditate. You might not write fully formed thoughts with proper grammar, and that’s all right… Whether your journal’s pages look like stream-of-consciousness paragraphs or lists of words and phrases when you’re finished, the important thing is that you made yourself mindful of your thoughts and feelings for a brief period…Then, you can try to carry that mindful attitude throughout the rest of your daily activities.

5. Work on Your Mental Health

It can be hard to feel calm, capable, and present if you’re dealing with repressed shame, wounds, or any myriad of mental health issues. Try to treat yourself the way you would treat a dear, important friend (Mayo Clinic). This will help you gain clarity, self-acceptance, direction, and peace.

When it comes to our daily wellness, something that can be incredibly helpful no matter your goals or needs is to reach out for support. Compass Community’s Health’s Mental Health services are focused on meeting YOU where you are at, and our team of Mental Health Providers are ready to work alongside you. What’s holding you back? Reach out today!


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